Django REST Framework: Taking your API to the next level.

Wednesday 5:00 pm to 5:30 pm, in Salon A-E

About This Talk

This talk is I’ll share some tips and tricks for Django REST Framework to manage permissions like using DRYPermissions, cache using Django cache or cacheops, Dynamic Serializers, Validators and Filtersets.

We’ll start by setting up a simple endpoint by defining a serializer and a view and how to get better performance by making prefetch and cache options. How to manage permissions using DRYPermissions. How to create and reuse Dynamic Serializers to make more maintainable and flexible REST APIs using Django. Filter and Filterset options. Renderers to convert your current view into a xlsx/csv report.

By the end of this talk all attendees will have a better understand how can integrate other tools to Django REST Framework to take Django projects to a next level by making more maintainable and reusable code on current or future projects.


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    Carlos Martinez

    I’m Python Developer with experience creating web applications with frameworks like Angular, React, Django, Bootstrap, Semantic UI and more for about six years, working in Django projects implementing GraphQL and React as part of frontend stack.