Technical Debt: Why it'll ruin your software

Wednesday 2:20 pm to 3:10 pm, in Salon A-E

About This Talk


We are used to think that Technical Debt is just bad/ugly code, with this talk I want to propose a bigger picture view of what we can call Technical Debt with a Sustainable Software era, how can we identify bottlenecks that are generating more debt and then how to deal with it.

After joined on a few ongoing projects as a developer I noticed a lot of smells for bottlenecks on the product development and delivery phases, those issues are usually named as Technical Debt issues by the development teams but not the healthy code is just a reflection of the teams struggles, when I say Teams I mean the entire companies’ structures and relations. Those relations can have a lot of problems and usually those problems are only visible on the code written.


  • What is technical debt
    • Concept
      • Meaning
      • Common sense
      • Strategic Decision
        • Conscious choice
        • Risk
      • On Agile world we should delivery early, that can cause Debt if you don’t come back
        • Early doesn’t mean not-so-good code
    • Is not that tech
      • Is not only code
      • Company Structure
      • Team size
      • Design Team response time
    • It’s all about how to deliver sustainable software
      • Debt is code that are getting worse over time
      • Delivery effectively
    • Understanding the Technical Debt Quadrant
  • How to find debts
    • File Churn
    • Debt Smells
    • Structure debts
    • Other issues
  • Make it clear for everyone
    • Identifying if it’s worth-able to deal
  • Dealing
    • Use time to reduce old debts
    • Stop all machines
    • Give up
    • Get more people to work ONLY on the Debt
  • How to keep it low
    • Pragmatic Code helps to decrease debt
    • Architectural Design Patterns
    • Sprint: New deliveries + Bugs + Deal with Debt
  • Ending


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    Luan Fonseca