Using a custom template loader at scale

Tuesday 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm, in Salon A-E

About This Talk


This talk is for folks who would like to explore the features of custom template loaders and deliver templates at scale for big Django systems. A knowledge of Django’s general model, view, template architecture and caching system will be helpful in understanding this material.


  • How Django’s default template loading works
  • How to make a custom template loader
  • Considerations and an approach to delivering templates to multiple, distinct Django projects


In the interest of team autonomy, we partition parts of our platform into isolated Django projects. Although this allows for independent development work, it also means that some resources that are traditionally created on a per-project basis, like globally-used templates, need to be shared across projects. A reusable Django app could normally do the trick, but we wanted to deliver template updates as instantaneously as possible.

  • How Django loads templates (5 minutes)
  • Anatomy of a custom template loader (5 minutes, 10 total)
  • Using a custom template loader to distribute template changes (10 minutes, 20 total)
    • Building a template service
    • Building a template admin interface
    • Hooking up a template loader
    • Performance considerations
  • Where to go next (5 minutes, 25 total)


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    Dane Hillard

    I like leveraging software development skills for good. During my short career I’ve had a chance to work in the fields of counterterrorism, cancer research, and education. I’m an unrepentant foodie—read more about the upcoming Piquant if you like. I made a music album once and I make fashion and portraiture photography here and there.