Caktus Group

Contract Full-Stack Web Developer

Remote or Durham, North Carolina, United States

Caktus Group grows sharp web apps for business, higher education, and social good. Our Agile teams focus on developing for impact and scalability. We specialize in custom Django apps, but also offer discovery workshops, best practices consulting, and team augmentation. As a full-service shop, Caktus aims to provide clients with an expertly curated experience throughout the development process. Past and current clients include Creative Commons, Duke Health, UNDP, Truth Initiative, PBS, and others in media, travel, education, finance, and health research.

We are looking for experienced full-stack web development contractors with a minimum of two years of contracting experience. Caktus’ engagement with our contractors is on a project-by-project basis, allowing a great deal of flexibility.

As a Contract Web Developer with Caktus, you will:

Work collaboratively with our clients and internal development team to get a feel for and learn about our development processes Clone Git and Mercurial code repositories and configure development environments running Django projects Model and implement intricate data structures relational databases such as PostgreSQL Write complex Django apps following client specifications while maintaining a high level of unit test coverage to catch and prevent feature regressions Deploy your changes to development servers frequently so clients see progress and feel connected to the process Perform code reviews and use the gitflow branching model to stay in sync with the team Follow client-based development methodologies and take part in regular team meetings

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