Code of Conduct Transparency Report

Code of Conduct Transparency Report

Every year, the Code of Conduct Committee receives reports of potential violations and acts on them based on the CoC itself, past experiences, and what the committee feels is best for DjangoCon US and the community at large.

Here are the actions taken for the 2021 edition of DjangoCon US. All reports have been anonymized as much as possible.


In a bid to proactively avoid CoC issues with speakers’ talks, the organizers took advantage of the fact that all talks were pre-recorded and reviewed all speakers’ submissions for both spoken and on-screen content. When possible, we worked with speakers to resolve any issues in advance.

  • Two speakers used terms which have well-established technical meanings but have been deprecated due to the racial and/or gendered implications of those terms. The organizers caught those terms during pre-production review and acted based on the amount of time between the term being caught and the start of the conference:
    • In one talk, we were able to contact the speaker and they provided updated audio with a more neutral term used in its place for the few instances that term was used and we updated the subtitles accordingly. We thank the speaker for being understanding and re-recording the sentences in question while on vacation.
    • In one talk, there was not enough time to update and re-render the video due to when we discovered the term being used, so we muted the audio and blurred out the term from the slides and replaced the term with the more neutral term in the captions.

During the conference

  • On the morning of Saturday, October 23, while helping an attendee find another attendee on Discord, an organizer discovered a user on the Discord server whose nickname was an unambiguous racial slur. After a quick conversation with the committee, they promptly banned that user. To our knowledge, that user had not interacted with any other attendees in any public channels. Because we do not have a way to track Discord logins to individual tickets, we are unable to track the user further to ban them from future DjangoCon events.

As always, we strive to provide a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment where all attendees are free from discrimination and harassment of any form.