Use Your Phone to Make a Simple Django and ReactJS Server

Author: Gidraf Orenja - Andela Engineering

In this Termux tutorial we will be creating a simple app using Django and ReactJs platforms. The purpose of this article is to show coders who want to learn outside the framework of a computer how they can use some simple and downloadable programs to create on their phones. This particular tutorial will utilize an Android device to facilitate all of the coding.

The Termux tools we’ll be using

The simplest way to build an Android app is by using Termux because it is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment that allows the user to build without additional rooting or setup. In addition, we will use the Termux-API to link an interface to both Android and Google Chrome hardware. The Termux app will be running the terminal commands on the device for our purposes. To access more information about Termux terminal before we begin check out this link.

Termux and Termux-API installation

You can download both Termux and the Termux-API by accessing them on the Google Play store.

Installation of Python

The Python programming language will be required in order to utilize and run the Django server. To learn more about Python, find additional information here.

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