DSF Overview

Oct 22 10:17 AM CDT :calendar:
Audience level: All

About This Talk

Anna will give an overview of the Django Software Foundation’s mission and role in the larger Django Community.


    Photo of Anna Makarudze

    Anna Makarudze

    Anna is the President of the Django Software Foundation Board of Directors and is the Fundraising Coordinator for the Django Girls Foundation and has given talks at DjangoCon US 2018, DjangoCon Europe, PyCon Italia, PyCon Namibia, PyCon South Africa, and many others. She has also been on the organizing team for many DjangoGirls events in Zimbabwe, the first two PyCon Zimbabwe events, and DjangoCon Europe 2018. She also ran PyLadies Harare and is a founder trustee of the Zimbabwe Python Association.