graphene-django or: How I learned to stop RESTing and Love the Graph

Oct 22 5:10 PM CDT :calendar:
Audience level: All

About This Talk

Though controversial, people generally agree that a major value of Python type hints is safety. Robust type safety reduces a whole category of defect to nothing, allowing developers to focus on bigger problems. What if we could do this for our API calls?

GraphQL provides not just a query language, but a type system. The producer and consumer are both aware of the type schema, enabling a boost in productivity at an integration point where mistakes commonly occur. Django has long been a full stack engine at its core, and then a RESTful API engine with the wide adoption of django-rest framework. Where can it go next?

The graphene-django package enables a Django project to provide a GraphQL endpoint built from its models. Using a declarative style most Djangonauts will find beautifully familiar, graphene-django helps developers spin up APIs quickly for consumption by client-side GraphQL consumers like Apollo.

If you attend this talk, you’ll come away having learned:

  • How GraphQL compares to REST
  • Why this approach can help you maintain loose coupling between teams
  • How to build GraphQL types on top of your Django models
  • How to provide a schema that resolves queries to model fields
  • How to try your new API out in the browser