Lightweight Multi-Tenant Architecture for Django Applications

Oct 23 4:09 PM CDT :calendar:
Audience level: All

About This Talk

As Software as a Service continues to grow in today’s landscape, many applications must adapt and provide services to multiple clients. Multitenancy has proven to be a mature architecture that can achieve secure data segregation while sustaining application functionality for multiple clients with lower costs. We have looked for pre-existing solutions to implement multitenancy, but were unable to find one. In this talk, we will demonstrate the benefits of multitenancy and provide a simple way to implement a lightweight, single-database, single-schema, multi-tenant architecture in virtually any Django application by using Django Guardian.


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    Brendan Wee

    Brendan is a Senior Engineer at Second Genome. Second Genome is turning microbial genetics into medicine. Leveraging our high throughput processing platform, we have cracked the human microbiome code to drive precision therapuetic and biomarker discovery.