Maintaining Demystified

Oct 22 3:10 PM CDT :calendar:
Audience level: Beginner

About This Talk

You’ll learn

  • How to set a project up for long-term success
  • Which community health files you need
  • The general license types, how to choose one, and special considerations
  • How to keep your code secure
  • Best practices for onboarding contributors
  • The importance of documentation and strategies for managing it
  • A typical pull request review process
  • Python/Django specific matrix testing, code quality, and packaging tools
  • How to keep code up to date through release management
  • Which GitHub features might be most useful
  • Project management strategies
  • How to measure the health of your project
  • The importance of publicizing your project
  • Strategies for managing the work as you scale
  • Some thoughts on people management and mentoring
  • Tips for getting started as a maintainer


    Photo of Katherine Michel

    Katherine Michel

    Kati is a Backend Engineer at Octopus Energy US. She has also been the DjangoCon US Website Chair and Co-Chair. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, eating good food, and listening to music.