How we built a mobile application backend with Django in 10 weeks

Oct 23 9:46 AM CDT :calendar:
Audience level: All

About This Talk

This talk is about how we delivered APIs and backend services for a mobile app in 10 weeks using Django/Python.

Building web apps with Django are a widely known and discussed subject. How about the recent trend with mobile apps? Do we know enough about the needs and challenges of building a mobile app backend?

In this talk, I will take you through day zero to day hero on our team’s experience with building APIs and backend services for a mobile app in Django/Python. What were the challenges, how web and mobile are similar and how they differ. We are also going to talk about daily challenges of backend teams and best practices, planning and delivery of a project in a startup setup, some examples of what can go right and wrong. It is going to cover both technical and non-technical parts of the process.

Some key sections:

  • Overall hands on and hands off experience
  • Working with an external mobile team
  • A team that is delivering mobile backend for the first time
  • Restful vs GraphQL
  • Working backward compatible vs breaking the app
  • Documentation of the api
  • Managing your time
  • Delivery times, keeping track with app releases
  • Project management challenges
  • Setting up development environments that is mobile compatible
  • Mocking up EPs
  • Data management
  • Risks analysis
  • Load testing
  • Planning the launch


    Photo of Çağıl Ulusahin

    Çağıl Ulusahin

    I am a software engineer based in London. I mostly do backend engineering for web based applications. Python and Django are what I have been mostly working with since 2008.

    Currently I am leading the engineering team in CogX (formerly CognitionX), a London based startup, specialises on aggregating leadership content.

    I am co-organiser of London Django Meetup, Pycon Turkey, DjangoGirls Turkey, and a proud member of PSF and DSF.